Tradition & charm combined with today’s luxury

Place of history and new beginnings


Everything that makes Charlottenburg what it still is today are connected to the woman, after whom this part of town is named. Her name was Charlotte, the woman for whom Friedrich II of Brandenburg commissioned the building of Lustschloss Lietzenburg. Here, the queen hosted opulent celebrations, invited artists and philosophers and sponsored them. Upon Charlotte’s death, Friedrich honored her by renaming the castle and declared the small settlement to its south as the city of: Charlottenburg! Whoever dared continue to use the old name had to pay a fine of 16 groschen …

Charlotte left behind a lot more than just her royal name and her castle, which was rebuilt from ruins after World War II. The only district in Berlin that bears a woman’s name was already a destination for excursionists from Berlin during the second half of the 18th century, who were seeking a summer retreat in Charlottenburg outside of Berlin’s gates. After 1866, the wealthy citizens among the recreationists just stayed there permanently: in the then newly created villa colony Westend, which was named after London’s elegant part of town Westend.

Thanks to the building boom, which started in 1880, Charlottenburg features stately buildings, villas and apartment buildings, still in high demand today. However, in the spirit of the art-loving queen, Charlottenburg was also a modern art metropolis of the German Empire. Only here, the representatives of the Berlin “secession” were provided with exhibition opportunities, such as the former “Café des Westens”, today’s Kranzler Eck, which was a legendary meeting point for artists. The expressionist movement began here, magazines were founded here and author’s contracts were signed; Richard Strauss and Christian Morgenstern had a talk over coffee here.

In the heart of Berlin

Food & Drinks

  1. 893 Ryōtei
    Kantstraße 135
  2. Il Calice
    Walter-Benjamin-Platz 4
  3. Nussbaumerin
    Leibnizstraße 55
  4. Joynes Kitchen
    Mommsenstraße 42
  5. Kaffeehaus Grosz
    Kurfürstendamm 194
  6. Paris Bar
    Kantstraße 152
  7. Restaurant Glas
    Uhlandstraße 195
  8. Bar Zentral
    Lotte-Lenya-Bogen 551
  9. Grace
    Kurfürstendamm 25
  10. Le Faubourg
    Augsburger Straße 41
  11. Heising
    Rankestraße 32
  12. Monkey Bar
    Budapester Straße 40
  13. Stue Bar
    Drakestraße 1
  14. Café am Neuen See
    Lichtensteinallee 2

Theatre, concert & movies

  1. Staatsoper Berlin
    Bismarckstraße 110
  2. Theater des Westens
    Kantstraße 12
  3. Zoo Palast
    Hardenbergstraße 29A
  4. Berliner Philharmonie
    Herbert-von-Karajan-Straße 1

Museums & Galleries

  1. Contemporary Fine Arts
    Grolmannstraße 32/33
  2. C / O Berlin
    Hardenbergstraße 22–24
  3. Bauhaus-Archiv
    Klingelhöferstraße 14
  4. Haus der Kulturen
    John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10


  1. Imperial Caviar
    Mommsenstraße 64
  2. Purple Phoenix
    Mommsenstraße 4
  3. Wunderkind
    Kurfürstendamm 46
  4. Cartier
    Kurfürstendamm 188/189
  5. Chanel
    Kurfürstendamm 188/189
  6. Agnona
    Kurfürstendamm 188/189
  7. Nanos
    Kurfürstendamm 65
  8. Goldhahn und Sampson
    Wilmersdorfer Str. 102/103
  9. Leysieffer
    Kurfürstendamm 218
  10. KaDeWe
    Tauentzienstraße 21–24

Cultural Attractions

  1. Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche
  2. Zoologischer Garten
    Hardenbergplatz 8
  3. Siegessäule
    Großer Stern
  4. Schloss Bellevue
    Spreeweg 1
  5. Rosengarten
  6. Reichstag
    Platz der Republik 1
  7. Brandenburger Tor
    Pariser Platz
  8. Potsdamer Platz
    Potsdamer Platz

Urban lifestyle and a bit of luxury in the best central location – the Mommsen & Wieland is located in the heart of City West where the diverse facets of the metropolis on the Spree can be experienced.

Mommsenstrasse / Wielandstrasse


The residents of Mommsenstraße know why they never want to leave again: You can hardly live any more central in Berlin. The in-demand downtown location with a well extended and connected network of public means of transportation ensures that all of the capital’s hotspots can be reached quickly. The edgy Berlin Mitte with the hotspots Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain can be reached by tram within minutes.

The quarter’s signature is its fantastic location, the above average quality of infrastructure and buildings. Traditionally the district is part of the housing market with the highest value in Berlin.